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Naruto Shippuuden Episode 82 Screencaps [03 Nov 2008|11:27pm]

Hey guys! Here are screencaps from Naruto Shippuuden episode 82 entitled "Team 10." In my opinion this has been the best episode thus far animation wise! ♥ Comment if you take any and enjoy!

- 305 Screencaps
- No subtitles.

here @ stardust_alley
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Naruto Shippuuden Episodes 72, 73, 74 Screencaps [06 Oct 2008|06:57pm]


We have a few ground rules before take-off:
- Don't re-post these.
- Don't direct link to them if you get them from Photobucket.

((.....220 Images.....))

((.....144 Images.....))

((.....182 Images.....))

Download info under the cut!
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Pic request? [15 Nov 2007|08:26am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey. . . hoping the comm isn't totally dead. o.0

Your LJ user name: unerasable_sins
Episode #: Shippuden 2nd opening and ending (starting ep. 31 I think?)
Brief description of scene: uh. . . opening and ending with just about everyone
Characters shown in scene: looking for Naruto, Sai, and the part in the opening with Sasuke shirtless with the snake. X3

hope someone can help. XD

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Naruto Shippuuden 001-002 [19 Feb 2007|08:39pm]

It was almost worth waiting 141823901 months for the fillers to end.  Almost. 
Anyways, like every other anime geek out there, I've jumped onto the Shippuuden Bandwagon.

Samples and Download behind the cut.  Nothing spoiler-y in the caps, but do realize that the actual downloads have spoilers (LMAO duhhh XD)

410 screencaps total.

( Samples and Download behind the cut )
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[19 Feb 2007|07:49pm]

Hey guys! I have 114 Naruto Shippuden ScreenCaps for you all, along with 109 bases.

CREDIT IS NOT NECESSARY, BUT I LOOOOOVE COMMENTS! Comments will encourage me to do this again next episode.

You can either download all the screencaps at YouSendIt or MegaUpload or I've left you the Photobucket link so you can just go through the PhotoBucket gallery and save the ones you want.

Click here for the links for the ScreenCaps.

I have put all of the 109 bases in an icon table inside the next cut. If you would like all the bases there are YouSendIt and MegaUpload links for the .zip folder. No need to credit unless you absolutely want to. Please just comment. Sorry there are three tables, they were acting funky and only allowed me certain numbers.

Bases and .zip Links Under This Cut.
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[16 Sep 2006|12:35pm]

Your LJ user name: wolfieziri
Episode #: 16
Brief description of scene: When Naruto first releases Kyuubi for the first time during the battle with Haku on the bridge in Wave Country.
Characters shown in scene: Kyuubi (chakra form)

I've been looking for a good screencap of Kyuubi's manifestation, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Thanks in advance, guys.
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Future donations? [29 Aug 2006|11:56pm]

I need a little help.

There is over thousand pictures I have screencapped from various Naruto episodes (and the 1st and 2nd movie) and sadly I didn't organize them right away so now I have no idea what episodes the caps are from.

So now I'm asking you how should I organize the screencaps, just throw them in mixed, sort loosely by character or what?

Also I'm looking for a place to host the .zip files.
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[11 Aug 2006|04:19pm]

hey fello otaku.
my favorite character of naruto are Hinata and Kankuro.
good hook-up maybe? lol...jk
anyways for next years Anime Boston im planning on cosplaying as Kankuro with an un-wrapped Karasu.
i only need some good pictures of karasu to determine his anatomy.
also if anybody knows a in-depth site that features Karasu's inormation, than that would be great.
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Request please. [24 Jul 2006|12:14am]
Your LJ user name: goddess_white
Episode #: 193
Brief description of scene: Gai with the afro, and the O_O face
Characters shown in scene: Gai =D

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Nevermind, I got it xD, sorry.
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[06 Jul 2006|05:07pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

So... I have a request.

Any chance anyone has the "Good Naruto, you look kind of cool!" picture?

I need it in my life.

Please and thank you!

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Itachi pics [02 Jul 2006|02:29am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Nope, not asking for anything. :p I figure I've got all of these uploaded, so why not share? No credit necessary ^_^

Picture-heavy, please don't direct link, and I'm deleting these in a week.

Itachi picsCollapse )

Sasuke, Fugaku and MikotoCollapse )

Hinata in the latest filler arc -- some pretty, some ZOMGWRONGCollapse )

Icon basesCollapse )

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[28 Jun 2006|01:38am]

[ mood | complacent ]

Your LJ user name: mogurachan
Episode #: Not sure. ><
Brief description of scene: It's the scene wherein Sasuke is tackleglomped by Ino. I'm looking for the moment when he looks most unhappy to be alive. :D

Also a plus, any images of SEXPOT!Sasuke or CRAZY!Sasuke would be most appreciated. And if such a thing exists, cute and smiley Sasuke. XD
Characters shown in scene: Sasuke, Ino

Cookies to anyone who helps! And they're for icon batches, so hey... technically it's free icons, too.

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[17 Jun 2006|09:14pm]

Humbly requesting a screencap. (begging is more like it actually)

LJ user name: vedranempress
Episode #: I dunno.
Brief description of scene: I don't much info about it (I'm really sorry) but I do have an icon made from it. *points below*
Characters shown in scene: Sasuke at the very least.

I would be VERY VERY grateful if someone could screencap this for me or point me in the direction of existing screencaps. I've been looking for 2 months now!

Click to see imagesCollapse )
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I bring offerings of Kiba and Akamaru *_* [24 Apr 2006|10:56pm]

Hey everyone! Guess what?
I come baring gifts!

From the fillers. :) I've gone fangirl crazy~ The fillers are part of what dragged me back into my Kiba obsession and general interest in Naruto again! Beware this is image heavy!

Kiba is frisky puppy Love :DCollapse )

Feel free to use them for whatever <3 just remember to share your products ;)
X-posted :O
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[30 Mar 2006|03:55pm]

Your LJ user name: cynical_siren
Episode #: 149
Brief description of scene: When they actually show Shino's eyes
Characters shown in scene: Shino
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[12 Feb 2006|07:44pm]

Your LJ user name: libraire
Episode #: Not an episode, but the opening and closing songs.
Brief description of scene: I'm looking for screencaptures of all the opening and ending songs without any of the text on them, but the urgent one are of the Ima Mande Nando Mo ending(the 5th one).
Characters shown in scene: Neji, Shikamaru, Chouji, Tenten, Lee, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Shino, Kiba and Hinata, their backs only.

Thanks :D
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[26 Jan 2006|08:01pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Im sorry i dont mean to repost a request again, but the images have been timed out through photobucket so i cannot view them within the entry. I desperatly need very good quality shots of Naruto's Kyuubi Seal, and the verson of sasuke's Cursed Seal with Kakashi's seal around it. I need many different views and high quality pics of these, and/or "actual size" pics too. Im planning on getting naruto's kyuubi seal tatooed on my stomach full size, and the cursed seal of sasuke on my shoulder/neck with kakashi's seal around it too. Thank you SOOOO much in advance. Sorry again for the repeat

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chibi naruto characters! [22 Jan 2006|04:06pm]

LJ user name: atinw
Episode #: I don't know specific episodes... =/ Sorry!!
Brief description of scene: basically, I know this is a lot of work, and totally unfair to request, but I just want caps of characters when they were kids. For instance, little Gaara in the flashbacks to his childhood.
Characters shown in scene: little Hinata, little Sasuke, little Neji, little Gaara, little anybody, really.

Thank you so much!
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[07 Jan 2006|08:26pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Your LJ user name: spork_ai
Episode #: I don't know, I just know they're the episodes in the new season.
Brief description of scene: In the ending credits of the current season of Naruto, at some point, they have bunch of the characters dressed up in these animal costumes, and I'd like a cap or two of Ino in her cat costume.
Characters shown in scene: Ino, possibly others, I don't know because I don't watch the anime.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does this ^-^

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[26 Nov 2005|03:38pm]

Hey guys! I just joined this community. Um, I hope I post this correctly, sorry if I don't

Your LJ user name:raven353

Episode #: 12

Brief description of scene: I'm basically looking for the part of the episode where Haku is letting his hair out of the bun and it flows down his back, or when he and Sasuke pass each other while walking through the woods and Haku's hair flows behind him.

Characters shown in scene: Haku
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